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Tanikwa Matthews
event organizer/Secretary
My name is Tanikwa Matthews, God-fearing mother of four boys and active member, dance minister and evangelist at Restoration Outreach Healing Ministry. Further I’m the CEO and founder of HisNHersJewels, LLC custom designs for him and her to make you stand out amongst the rest. I’m a networking junky and Founder of upcoming nonprofit Women Achieving Victory Everywhere (WAVE). “Bridging the Gap” are my Wednesday midweek motivation and collaboration sessions with guests from all backgrounds. Let’s collaborate together!
As a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army I’m honored to serve as a victim advocate and senior Human  Resources NCO for over 24 years. Additionally, I’m a board member for Jeanna’s iFeed Nonprofit organization. Teaching, training and mentorship are my passions, I’m a lifelong learner!


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Kestasia smith